The Summer of Keeping Busy

Beloved has gone of on his plane. We wont be together again for 94 days. Its very strange to think of things so far ahead and know that they will happen before he gets back. Baby will leave school, we will holiday at the family house in Crete, Baby will start college! So, I am staying calm by not thinking about it and kidding myself that he is just at work at the moment. It sort of works but sometimes I get a feeling of rising panic in my chest. From time to time there will be tears. Its actually not so bad since the children are now old enough to take care of me. I no long er worry about burglars attacking us as my babies are big strong men now, not vulnerable infants.

And so, the key to my success for the next three months will be keeping busy. I have a lot to do and a lot to think about and I am making lists and also planing to introduce new habits. Tonight's I will be starting on a super sized 'to do list'. So far it divides into a number of categories -
1) Personal one off (such as hair cut)
2) Personal new habits (remember to take cod liver and vitamins every day rather than every now and then).
3)Household-one off = Repaint sitting room
4)Household - new habits - organise household paperwork process and time for action
5) Work etc etc
6) Swim school

and so it goes on. I have been banned from painting any rooms with 'funny colours' by which he means pink, yellow and anything faintly colourful. He didn't like my washable cream paint everywhere idea when I first suggested it but he has got used to it over the years and is now a fan. I am hoping that painting the chimney breast in the sitting room with a different colour will be acceptable but I wont mention it and hopefully it will be already a part of the house when he gets back and maybe he wont notice(some hope). I am, though, allowed to get rid of whatever I want! I have made sure to have understood this correctly and will be taking the opportunity to rid my attic of ancient clothing that has obviously shrunk over time, equally ancient video recorders and all manner of other weird things.( none of my stuff is junk - obviously!)