Busy Bees - Happy Bunnies

I was just reading through Laura from Move to Portugal comments on my blog. Laura commented that they have been busy but that’s how they like it. But sometimes it gets a bit too much. I am the same way and sometimes I lose my balance. Before my holiday I couldn't remember everything I needed to remember, I couldn't keep up with everything which I needed to do. Since my break I feel renewed and re-vitalised. I guess it is to have 2.5 weeks away from work rather than away from home (I do love my home) but whatever the reason it was just in time.

So I made a few late New Years Resolutions upon our return.

1) I will continue to work hard and, when essential, long hours for my job but I wont allow it to take over my life completely.
2) I will make sure I have the time to do what I want at least for the rest of this year - the odd leisurely bath, making slow gin, baking bread, the list is endless.
3) I will plan a proper budget with beloved when he comes back from his trip to his family.
4) I will stick to the organisational plans I have made, and amend them as I need to; to make sure that everything fits into the balance!
5) I will not have more than 5 things in a list!!!!!!!!!

My lap top is back, 6 weeks after it first left me, having been written off by a local repair shop (wont be going there again, do!) and resurrected by Hewlett Packard. It’s like a brand new laptop but it’s still my same old baby. Okay, I am too enthusiastic, time for bed.


  1. Nice to see you back refreshed and revigorated Lizzie

    Lists are a great way of keeping track of things ot do - if you can find the list that is lol

    Take care

  2. thats me, since I turned 40. A list for every occasion, lost by tea time!
    You sound like you are feeling better.



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