Saturday, 19 July 2008

First day back

Much to my surprise I overslept this morning, having only had 3 hours sleep the night before I had no trouble at all in sleeping through until 10.30 this morning. I had to move my plans a little to accommodate my extra snooze. I made sure all the washing wash done before we left for hols (or so I thought)so I had a lot of baskets of clean washing in my room which I had folded but had not had time to sort and put away. The first action of the day was to get that all sorted.

I sorted through my enormous pile of post and binned 90%,the junk mail. The rest needs sorting into action and filing,. I know I should have done this all in one go but making the pile manageable seemed more important.

I am making my way through the washing pile, using my semi home made washing powder. Everything is coming out nice and clean so that is a success.

Otherwise it is just a lot of cleaning and sorting. I also invested in a small cupboard for bathroom storage (marked down at Argos). I buy bathroom products when they are a good price and do find storage an issue, so this should make the room a lot.

I also started a new pile of goodies for the other house. I have so much here and plenty of it would be useful there. I know having two houses sounds like a wild indulgence but where my husband comes from there are no pension schemes, and investing in property is their future security. I hope to be able to keep the house for always, for all of the family but if things went wrong in the future then we have something we can sell to free up some capital. I hope that my children will build onto it in time and their families can live there too, at least sometimes if not all times.

This is the view from my terrace. Enough to lift any ones heart.


  1. that view is amazing!

  2. I know. During the hols younest son & I slept in the sitting room at the front as upstairs wasn't ready (and nan & grandad had taken over his bed.) That is the first thing i saw as i opened my eyes. How could one not wake up with a smile??


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