Organising my virtual world

I have decided to do a bit of sorting out which doesn't involve getting up from my chair for a lazy but virtuous evening.

My inbox has been getting rather bunged up lately by emails telling me I need to buy this that and the other. I am with AOL, who are pretty good at rooting out spam, so all of my junk should be stuff from which I can unsubscribe. I will unsubscribe from each of them for a week, just to give them a chance to get me off their mailing lists. After that I will report them as spam and AOL will separate them out from my usual mail from then on.

My other bit of virtual organisation is to sort out my 'favourites'. I am setting up categories such as useful information, shopping, favourite blogs, my blog. Its looking quite neat already. I prefer to do my reading this was rather than subscribe to mailing lists if blog readers so that I can read when I fancy rather than when things are published.

Tomorrow I will try to be slightly more physical in my sorting out but this felt like a good job done without too much effort.


  1. good for you Lizzie..I'm already noticing the benefit of having all my emails in one place. It's so much simpler!

  2. I'm getting there. Still havn't introduced the dealing with mail procedure which I intend to copy from you! However I am a bit closer as I have bought the trays!!! Now I just need to get the drum kit out of the way between me and my desk. Who'd have teenage boys???


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