Friday, 25 July 2008

Being led astray already

Monday was my first day back at work after holidays and I wrote a little list of 'Post Holiday' resolutions. I included 1) I will continue to work hard and, when essential, long hours for my job but I wont allow it to take over my life completely. Today is Thursday and so far I have only just scraped home before 7pm each day. Although having checkeed my work email during the evneing I rather think my boss was still there after I left. I still have my energy but how long will it last at this rate?? So this evenings efforts around the house amounted to unstacking and re-stacking the dishwasher, washing the cats food bowls and washing some clothing.

If I look on the bright side I am washing the coming weekends laundry ahead of time - I dont normally wash laundry during the week as it is too difficult to dry it when you are not at home to peg it out around the rain drops. So by washing on a Thursday I am getting ahead of my plans!!!!!!!!!


  1. This was one of my bad habits, checking work email in the evenings. Now I've trained myself not to switch my work laptop on.

    I'm not sure about your work Lizzie but in my job, nothing is ever that urgent it can't wait until the morning. I think its also good to train other people not to expect an email response from you in the evenings. So far I've had no complaints :)

  2. Well i normally check them a couple of times if only to make up for checking the home ones whilst at work!

    But I was a good girl on hols and didn't check them for 18 days.As a small concession I left my own email address with one of the team leaders who works for me.

    oh dear. I am a bit of a saddo.


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