Friday, 18 July 2008

'Proper Food'

We took a friend of the children to the house last week. She is 18 and had never been abroad, never flown and as we found out, had never actually had a holiday. She coped well with the first flight. Never complained when the temperature was about 10degrees higher than she had ever known before and even swam in open water, conquering a life long fear. I asked if she suffered from seasickness when we planned a fishing trip but she didn't know, having never been on a boat.

One thing she couldn't adapt to was Greek food. She craved MacDonalds. In fact the only thing she missed about England was fast food! My sons were horrified. They believe completely in the old Dave Allen joke, shall we have food or go for a MacDonalds. We tend to eat at the 'local places' so we eat really Greek food, fresh locally produced vegetables, local meat from animals who don't know that intensive farming exists, olive oil from thousands (millions ?) of local trees. The most simple and tastiest food ever. My friend cooked for us o n the last evening. Lamb and potatoes in the oven with a side dish of green beans in tomatoes and olive oil. Dishes of salad and tzazaki, wholemeal bread and local 'fresh' wine.

Our visitor had never had lamb before and didn't understand how to cut it from the bone and eat it. Is there an entire generation who have missed out on life or am I just having a downer about the English way of life for so many people???


  1. Welcome Home Lizzie
    So glad you enjoyed your 'brief sojourn' to your other home. Sounds like you had fun and thats what its all about isn't it.

    What a shame the young girl had never had Lamb and craved macca's It makes me sound old but I think it's weird the way some families eat these days.

    Anyway back to reality now - when do you clock in again Lol

    Take care

  2. Hi Cathy
    I am just worrying that she is normal!
    Back to work on Monday so time to get on top of a few things around the place here first.
    Speak to you soon


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