Monday, 28 July 2008

Rainy Monday

Actually it wasn't a rainy Monday until 9pm this evening. Now however it is raining heavily and my garden is drinking it down happily.

Yesterdays stitchery didn't really get off the ground as I apparently no longer have good enough eyesight to thread my own needle. I have been worrying about my eyes a bit lately. I need slightly bigger needles too. I use to do cross stitch and embroidery quite a bit and I don't remember my needles ever being as small as those I recently bought. I am also investing 25p or whatever in a needle threader. Until it arrives my youngest son is in charge of threading. I think this might also proof that I need my eyes to be tested. My sister and my mum both suffered from cataracts so I am nervous about the recent deterioration. However they certainly wont get worse or better by being tested and so I will book a test very soon.

For tonight my entertainment is an old DVD of Poirot. Just as much fun but not quite as productive.

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