Sunday, 27 July 2008

Sunny Sunday

Lovely weather here in the South today. 27 degrees & just glorious. Although I doubt the thousands of travellers stuck on all three lanes of the M3 heading West probably didn't appreciate the weather. They looked like they might take a very long time to get to their holiday destinations. I had thought I might drive down to see my sister at Lulworth Cove for the day but the sight of the motorway put me off.

Yesterday the motorway was the same, and Friday evening too. Surely the West must be full by now.

So, on Saturday I decided to do all of my errands. I bumped into a friend in the town and chatted over cold drinks for a bit and before I knew it the day had slipped away. There was method in my madness(sloth!). I knew both boys were having friends over so any housework downstairs would be largely wasted. They are not deliberately messy but 10 teenager, mostly boys, don't leave a house looking like the pages of House Beautiful.

So this morning I nipped off to the Farmers Market in Winchester whilst the boys did their version of tidying up. Winchester looked glorious. The sunshine brings out the best of our towns. The market was really busy. It used to have a lot of visitors but not everyone buying, some, maybe most, just window shopping. Now I noticed that far more people were carrying bags of goodies away with them. I also noticed far more people using proper re-usable shopping bags or trolleys, not many plastic carrier bags around. All very encouraging and not really looking quite some much like the economic doom and gloom were are expecting.

Afterwards I had a lovely Sunday roast with my parents & my children. My mum always invites me to Sunday lunch when my husband is away. I think he is jealous. Afterwards I came home to finish the laundry, wash the dishes (another thing with teenagers, they get through a lot of crockery in a day). I cleaned the floors right through down stairs with my steam mop (nice day for it!)and then vacuumed right through and put away all of the bit and bobs which seemed to have gotten out of place. I emptied all of the bins, of course sorting out all of the recyclables.

This evening I am relaxing ahead of another busy week. I have tapestry needles so that I can start my stitchery pattern, wool for knitting and crochet hooks. I am spoilt for choice for what to do next. I also have a good book half read. Lucky me, does it get any better.


  1. I love Sundays! It seems you had a wonderful day.

    ..I noticed at the car boot yesterday that nearly everyone had a re usable shopping bag, it seems progress is being made in that area :)

  2. Well done for car boot saleing. Hope you didn't buy anything! I definitely think there is a change in peoples attitudes for the better. I buy my shopping online & we get the bags whether we want them or not. Also our council will only take our rubbish if it is bagged up in small packagers within the wheelie bin. Not sure how I am ever going to go bag free with such restrictions.


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