I love travelling

Pretty much any travelling (I do draw the line at a package holiday- tried it in my youth and never again). I don't mind if we are going to Brighton on the bus or slow boat to China, I love it all. It's to do with being nosey and the same reason I love books and the Internet, it gives me a window in other peoples existence (and aren't blogs brilliant for that very reason).

Tomorrow I am going travelling. Okay, perhaps not quite as far as would suit me but all the same it sounds like run. A small group of friends from my work are travelling on the Fast Cat from Portsmouth to the Cherbourg peninsula. We are taking my car because of the LPG (cost of course but also low emissions). I am assuming a Fast Cat is a speedy catamaran rather than a speedy moggy.

So tonight I am preparing my little bag (my dad has already checked the oil & water, and I filled filled up with LPG). I have the tickets and my passport, my purse complete with euros. I note pad in case I get bored (which also has the measurements of all my windows etc at the Crete house in case the urge to buy curtain material comes upon me - it does from time to time). I don't have a book, which is a bit of a blow. I am just deciding whether to take some embroidery instead but as I haven't yet been able to thread the needle myself this seems to be a bit of a non starter. My i-pod is prepped and ready for action. Its not quite as exciting as Inter Railing across Europe when I was a kid but you have to cut your cloth according to ....something (cant remember what.) I do remember doing tapestry as we sped around Europe, sleeping on trains and showering in stations for a month. I dont think I could manage without a nice comfy bed at night these days so maybe its best to stick with the less intense travelling. So this is our day. I need to bring back a case of Merlot for my parents and a good red wine and 2 Camembert for a friend who has tonsillitis and so can't join us.

Au Revoir...


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