C'est Bon

I really enjoyed my day today. We had to get up far too early but otherwise it was great. I nice sociable leisurely breakfast on the boat. A little drive and stroll around the french town of Barfleur. A very leisurely lunch and more yapping and laughs. Then we drove back up to the supermarket and leisurely shop (are you beginning to notice a theme here!)A bought some nice wine and some bit and bobs for the rest of the family. Afterwards we went back to the port & had a cold drink and more chatting before boarding the cat home again. We were only gone about 18 hours but I feel I have had a proper little holiday.

I dropped my friends back at the homes and then came home myself. Phoned Beloved to see how he was and he said 'I just want to come home now really'. He hasn't visited his family and his home for 25 years but he has now caught up enough to want to come to his real home. So this time next week he will be on his way.


  1. Sounds like the perfect get-away :)

  2. Hi Sharon
    Yep, not bad for a change once in a while.


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