Farmers market day in Winchester today, so I headed on up there after a nice late start. I didn't actually need anything but I bought a couple of dressed crabs for a suppertime sandwich treat me & my youngest son. I also stumbled across a book shop which was having a £1.99 sale. That may sound like every book is £1.99 but I know to my cost that it is not the case. I bought three books but My bill came to a little under £9. So I checked again and only those in the middle pile were £1.99. Tch! So to return or to keep? I kept. They all seemed pretty good value and I like the inspiration of a cookery book, even though I never follow exact recipes, so perhaps I will learn a little from them. The non cookery book was an illustrated hints & tips & household skills, which seems to tell me in pictorial detail everything I have ever wanted to know about my home. But we will see.

Later I had lunch with my parents, home grown potato and runner beans in amongst the veg. Yum. I guess that's my last Sunday lunch with them for a while as Beloved will be home this week and life will start returning to normal.

This afternoon I visited some friends for coffee, cake and chat. In between I got most of my tasks completed and now I am off to bed with a clear conscience.

Nighty night