My son and I both intended to do some housework today. He to do his bedroom or else I am giving his possessions away to charity (nothing short of this will get him to tidy). I was making a few re-arrangements in my bedroom, cleaning the bathroom, getting some laundry done and also a bit of quality time with my vacuum cleaner.

So, like a couple of kids avoiding revising, we went of to the town. I needed a hair cut & to collect some mending from an old fashioned jeweller in town. We also decided to have a McBreakfast as my husband is back this week and that sort of thing is frowned upon. We also invested in new hair clippers for the kids hair (with the price of hair cuts this actually pays for itself in about 2 months), razor blades for my son (he doesn't grow a beard as such but does get what he calls 'random tufts' all over his face) and hair colour for me as I am beginning to look rather like a badger. Hair colour and razor blades came from Savers and saved us a few quid on going to a normal chemist.

Then back home & we tried to get back to our work but found any excuse to stop and chat. My son introduced me to all sorts of music including a singing Johnny Depp. I introduced him to Sebastian Coe in his prime (via youtube)which left him awed. He only knew Lord Coe as a suit that talks about the 2012 Olympics. We also listened to some Elvis and even dragged out a bit of Bill Hayley (how can they call this rock n roll, he asks?)We pretty much finished what we meant to do but we had great fun chatting and showing us stuff, and just this once I think we made better use of our day than we would off had we kept our noses to the grindstone. Tomorrow I will catch up, honest!


  1. That is great that you had some time to bond. Even better memories in the long run. There will always be tidying up to do tomorrow.

  2. My boys are 16 and 18 now so I know they have to go there own way, at least a bit, so I am learning to cherish a bit of Mummy time more than ever.


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