Simple Things

Youngest son and I spent yesterday painting the sitting room. We are two thirds finished & have done all of the tricky bits. I am going to finish it off a bit at a time as the week goes on. My youngest son ( who puts up with being referred to as Baby - he is too cool to complain)has gone away to water sports camp this week & the other son is working six day weeks, so I think I am on my own for the rest of the work. So after work each day I will aim for a little progress.

I have a couple of photos of progress so far. One of them mostly shows the tapestry I completed before RSI in my hands stopped me from needle working.

My dad and son fitted guttering on the front of my conservatory/extension. Then they fitted a water butt for me. How cool. It is a recycled chemical storage container but it wasn't initially recycled by me and has been a water butt for some years, so I think it is safe to use.

Lastly a close up my little apple tree. This little guy was transplanted from the allotment and seems to be fairly happy (i.e. not yet dead) and has even come up with a couple of apples!