Same old Saturday???

Nope, not at all. Usually Saturday is prime housework day followed by a couple of hours at my parents on Saturday evening whilst Beloved does his voluntary work for the work at the local Lifesaving class.(Obviously not at the moment as he wont be back for another three weeks still!)

Tommorrow me & baby are going to decorate the sitting room. We have cream emulsion for the walls, a mulberry colour for the feature wall of the chimney. Same colour in satinwood for the picture rail. We also need to rub down slightly and varnish the skirting boaard and door frame. We may also paint the ceiling(white). If we dont have time then we will do that next week. HOwever if it goes super duper good then we will move on to the stairs as well. There are currently a pale lilac so cream and mulberry would be quite a fresh change.

We also need to prep babies bag because he is going on some water sports event next week. Sounds great fun with canoeing, windsurfing and aarchery. I wish I was 16 again.

I am pretty much on top of my washing so only one load for tomorrow.

I am also thinking of doing somethnig I havn't done since I was a kid! No, not so exciting. I am considering going to the cinema again to see the same film as I saw last week. Last time I did that wss for Star Wars and I only went then because my cousin wanted me too. This time its for me. My mum and sister want to go again. My eldest son wants to come too & so does another friend. I know its a waste of money but I dont waste money often, honest!