Sunday, 3 August 2008

Sunday again already

Has this week been on fast forward. It has passed in a flash.

I have been reading Move to Portugal and have decided to copy Lura and have a food budget for this month. I have chosen £200 because I am pretty sure I can come in under budget with minimal effort. The idea being that I stick to it again in September when we go back to full strength (husband comes back on 3rd September)and then aim to reduce in October. I don't waste very much but keeping a proper record should help to focus.

I have also loaded MSMoney on to my laptop and downloaded all of my bank statements. Actually wish I hadn't as I can see I spent too much with Beloved has been away. New vacuum cleaner, new steam mop etc. But this is only the third vacuum cleaner I have since we got married so I don't exactly rush through them.

I have another new piece of software which collates recipes. I haven't used it but will have a go during the coming week.

My bag knitting is coming on slowly but surely. I have knitted the first few rows a few times and unravelled them as I wasn't keen on the output but I tried again last evening on some needles from my mum and the new attempt is looking good. I intend to knit a large rectangle which I will stitch or crochet into a bag shape. After an inch of knitting I will introduce a couple of cables (just to prove that I can!). The wool is super jazzy so I don't want too much patter with it.

Today I plan to do some more cleaning and sorting this morning. Yesterday we took another big bag to the Sally Ann's and also a large plastic box of storage jars, vases and so on. The place looks emptier all the time. Afterwards lunch with my lovely parents. Traditional Sunday roast of course. Then to my friends house for a couple of hours. Then back here late afternoon to make food plans for the coming week.

Hope everyone has a lovely day.

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