I have discovered that my joints just were not ready for knitting. So, last night, another unravelling session and now I try to remember how to crochet. No-one ever taught me so I can’t follow a pattern but I thought I could make a couple of big squares and so them together. I can also carry on and make it into a blanket if the mood takes me.

I brought myself a present. It arrived today. A lovely little iPod from eBay. The idea is that I will be more tempted into a lunchtime walk if I am accompanied by Robbie Williams (or whoever) then I am on my own. I haven’t worked out how to get my music on there yet but how hard can it be?

I have spoken to my eldest son about using less energy (of the gas, electric kind - not the renewable energy of youth). The kids are honestly the worst culprits of waste so if I can get them on board then we should be on to a winner. I will speak to the youngest when he gets back from his mates house on Thursday. At the moment he is wasting someone else’s power. For myself I will try not to resort to using the tumble dryer too easily. My time is fairly limited so I do use it when I shouldn't sometimes. If they can make the effort then so can I. I am also going to invest in a couple of those extension lead’s which switch off by remote, for the TV etc which is plugged in so far back in the cupboard that only the cat can reach it.

Plans, plans...there are always plans.