Sunday Night

Lulu (head cat) and I are in bed, watching TV and surfing the web. We can multitask!

We are very chilled. We had a busy weekend and the house is looking pretty good, even the poor old garden is starting to get back to normal again. My son is going to help me with the painting next Saturday and then he is off to a watersports camp for a week. My husband will be very pleased with all of our improvements. I prefer to get major changes done when he is away because he is happy with change after the event but he doesn't like the idea of change. One wall of the sitting room and the picture rail are being painted in a cranberry colour. He will love it!

After all the busyness of the weekend we went to my sisters house this evening. It was her birthday and my neice had decorated the house and made some snacks and a birthday cake. So a nice relaxing end to the weeked.

Tomorrow back to work but I have a busy week, if fun, ahead. Tomorrow night I am going to the cinema with my family to see Mamma Mia. On Wednesday I am going to France for the day with some friends from my work. If all goes well I should be able to fit in a bit of work too!


  1. I think Lulu is my cat's English twin!

  2. Hi Daizy, they do look alike, that was some far ranging tom cat!

    Hi Laura. You too & stop posting all those lovely new links. My time management skills are going quite seriously out of the window once I start reading!


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