Update on my tasks

Vacuumed right through yep but havn't mopped the hard floors yet. Tomorrow morning for that.
Vacuumed the ceilings right through as well as I noticed that the spiders had been making Christmas decorations when I wasn't looking!
Half of the clothes washing is washed but couldn't line dry as it is raining. I am a bad person as I used the tumble drier. I have no place for under cover lines and washing needs to be dry by the end of Sunday if it is going to be put away properly.
Put up a new shelf in the sitting room for the landline phone and the wireless router (should stop the router from overheating now it is on a hard surface.)
Half fitted a shelf above the washing machine to house the washing powder supplies. Couldn't drill through the wall so this is to be continued tomorrow. I also knocked some nails into the wall in the washine machine alcove to use up some wasted space to stor all of the bags wwhich seem to be around the place. We are refurbishiing the kitchen soon (after the guest bathroom is compelte etc etc etc) so this is all temporary.
I also went to B&Q and bought some paint to give the sitting room and maybe some other rooms, a bit of a going over. I use a cream coloured washable emulsion thoughout so its easy to choose paint!
Maybe tomorrow I have time to start a bit of the painting too. Fingers crossed.