A to Z of Homemaking

A ~Aprons--y/n If y, what does your fav. look like?
No! I wear my ‘housework clothes’. Sports leggings, t-shirt and trainers – makes me go faster! I do have some lovely aprons. Cow pattern is a favourite.

B ~ Baking--Favorite thing to bake?
Cakes – Small ones. I love the way that the kids sniff them out as they come out of the oven, so that half of any new cake stock is gone before the end of the day.

C ~ Clothes line?
Of course. An essential part of homemaking equipment. The small of line dried laundry is incomparable.

D ~ Donuts--Have you ever made them?
Yes, but only the oven baked kind (less oil.) Not a big doughnut fan, although they always smell fantastic………….........

E ~ Everyday--One homemaking this you do everyday?
Cooking. I cook for everyone most days and at least someone everyday. I also think it is the most important home making task that there is.

F ~ Freezer--Do you have a separate deep freeze?
Yes. I buy meat when it’s a good price. There is also plenty of fruit and veg from Mum & Dad garden.

G ~ Garbage Disposer?
No. Never had one, not actually sure what it is. I recycle paper, card, tins, bottles & jars. We have a small amount of rubbish each week but not much. We don’t very often waste food. One days leftovers is the next days lunch.

H ~ Handbook--What is your favourite homemaking resource?
I don’t have a favourite (although it’s possible that I have 1000 books) but I love the Internet and the chance it gives us to learn from others around the globe.

I ~ Ironing--Love it or Hate it? Or hate it but love the results?
Hate. I only iron for interviews, weddings & perhaps funerals. Otherwise shirts are hung up when wet. I normally buy clothes that don’t need ironing. I work full time and I want to take care of my family and my home. Something had to go and ironing is it.

J ~ Junk Drawer--y/n? Where is it?
No. I don't have a junk drawer, but there is a drawer in the kitchen that looks like a junk drawer to me but husband says its not!

K ~ Kitchen--color and decorating scheme.
All of my walls are washable cream emulsion. All of my wood is light, from renewable resources (and usually second hand too). So the kitchen looks like the rest of the house but with a few more tiles! Lighting is a simple black chandelier.

L ~ Love--what is your favorite part of homemaking?
Coking, feeding the family and seeing them grow fit and healthy from their nourishment. Providing a sanctuary for everyone to escape form the world.

M ~ Mop--y/n?
Oh yes. Steam mop, so no chemicals required.

N ~ Nylons, machine or hand wash?
Rarely warn and if they survive the wearing (unusual) then they go in the normal wash.

O ~ Oven--do you use the window or open the oven to check?
Open the door. I like to have a good look at what is going on.

P ~ Pizza--What do you put on yours?
Spinach and marscapone. Yum.

Q ~ Quiet--What do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment?
I don’t know, it hasn’t happened yet.

R ~ Recipe Card Box--y/n? What does it look like?
File not a box. A normal lever covered with a pretty sticky backed plastic.
Style of house--What style is your house?
A little English cottage, built in 1908.

T ~ Tablecloths or Placemats?
Nether. I varnished the table so many times that nothing marks it and it wipes clean after use.

U ~ Under the kitchen sink--organized or toxic wasteland?
Pretty Organized. Its all neatly packed & I know what is in there.

V ~ Vacuum--How many times per week?
One main session and a couple of mini sessions for the busiest areas.

W ~ Wash--How many loads of laundry do you do per week?
I do about 6 but it is a large capacity machine (“A” grade efficiency to minimise water and power use of course).

X's--Do you keep a daily list of things to do that you cross off?
Yes. One at work and one for home.

Y ~ Yard--y/n? Who does what?
I look after garden but call my husband or one of the kids for anything ‘heavy’ (like the mending of washing lines).

ZZZ's--what is your last homemaking task for the day before going to bed?
Feed cats, switch everything off, fill up a bottle with tap water to drink in the night (don’t leave glasses by the bed the cat woke me up after getting her head stuck in a glass….drinking my pint of water! ) set alarm clocks for everyone.

I saw this at Rural Writings who saw it at Pieces from Me, who saw it at Coffee Time At Home. Please play along on your blog!!! Let me know if you do, so I can visit


  1. Hi Lizzie!
    I've had a go too - thanks for the idea as I was struggling with a theme for a blog today!

  2. I enjoyed your ABC's Lizzie, thanks for playing along :)

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  4. Hi All
    Thanks for popping by. I will be over to read up later on. You lot are a bad influence on me. I am turning into a blog addict!


  5. Wonderful Blog Lizzie, stopped by through Move to Portugal...
    Have a look at mine here...


    I'll be back soon...emma

  6. Hi Lizzie - I've had a go, too, at http://whatshappeningatmyhouse.blogspot.com. Great idea, thanks! Caroline x

  7. Hi Emma
    I have been reading your blog toto, thanks again to Laure at Move to Portugal.

    Hi Caroline
    I will be over to check it out.
    Great fun



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