Thursday, 25 September 2008

The day of my eye test

Today was the eye test I have been avoiding since June. My eyesight has been problematic for some weeks, maybe months, and I was beginning to think I had cataracts, as my mother and sister have had. I really don't like anyone having anything to do with my eyes. Eye brow plucking by strangers is banned so you can imagine how I would feel about someone holding my eye lid open and scraping my eye ball. NOOOOOO!

Well, I actually remembered to tell him about the Amitrytiline which I take for my migraine. That turned out to be the key to my problems. Apparently Amitrytiline dries the eyes. Combined with the effect of working at a computer all day long, this seems to be my problem. So now I have a £1.29 bottle of eye drops to cure my problems.

My eyes had naturally deteriorated a little since my last visit as well ( everyone feels the need to tell me that this happens naturally once you reach 45, thanks very much). There was a deal available to buy two pairs for £75 but I thought it might be better and more cost effective to have my old frames re glazed. That would have frame cost me £39 per pair. So its actually £3 extra to keep my existing frames. That make all the sense in the world.

So I took my prescription home with me instead, after paying my £20 examination fee. I have searched the Internet and found supplier who will reglaze each pair for £15 or £13.50. They even refurbish the frames for an extra £5 each. I wont need the refurb service as I am pretty light on glasses but I am going to take them up on the supply of my new specs.

Should have gone to Specsavers? I did.


  1. Isn't that great when potential problems are solved easily? I wish more things were like that.

  2. Well done Lizzie!

    On a side note....I went into Boots today - Was it you that requested the Christmas cards, wrapping paper etc to be out on the shelves?!!?


  3. Not me Laura
    I dont even put up my decorations until the week before Christmas, and thats only since the kids were old enough to complain. Before that it was Christmas eve.
    Lizzie is innocent!


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