Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Who loves Martin??

I cant normally access blogs at work, even during lunch time, because we have web sense activated. However today I wanted to check something I had written & there I was, unblocked, as it were. However instead of being the delicate lilac I see from home it was a really gaudy mauve. Oops. So today I am changing the settings to find something a little bit easier on the eye!

Today I am going to spend some time on Moneysavingexpert I find it a really useful resource, both the forum and the site itself. Between them they have fixed my computer a number of times, fixed recipes, given me advice about major purchases (and minor ones)and even fixed my washing machine. I found quidco through them, a site which has netted me over £900 in the last 14 months. I definitely owe Martin big time!

Oh, and one last thing. I started taking my own lunch to work on a more formal and regular basis just about 2 weeks ago. I havn't paid for any between shopping food in that time, so no trips to the shop or the sandwich delivery man. I am pleased but somewhat ashamed to notice I am around £20 per week better off. I am a bad person. However, not as bad as I used to be apparently. My weekly shopping now includes takeout lunches for three members of the family & I have managed to keep it at the same level.


  1. That happened to me too Lizzie, my beautiful pale olive looked pistachio on a PC! Even the difference on my husbands older mac is huge, his makes everything much more colourful! That's why I chose a template instead, at least the colours are of a matching palette!

    I'm seeing a nice pale aqua marine right now, is that right?

  2. Martin is my hero! I've learned so much through MoneySavingExpert that I really can't recommend it enough. I don't really buy enough stuff to make (save) much money through Quidco but I did use it to order a hotel room, theatre tickets and car insurance and that alone racked me up about £12.

  3. Hi Emmani. Yepm thats what I was aiming for. How did you get yours? I dont think I am techie enough for this1

    Hi Sharon
    Its like being a special club! When we are investigating anything in my family we always say' ask Martin'. My quidco doesnt come from buying, only from services that i had to have anyway, like insurance. Might as well have it as let someone else have it though!


  4. Lizzie if you google 'blogger templates' you'll have thousands to choose from. Choose one you like the whole overall look of, picture, colours, font, layout etc and you won't need to change anything. I've messed around with mine a lot, I can't leave anything alone when it comes to technology...like you and rice!

    Don't do it unless you have a few hours and lots of patience to spare... Back up your old template first... you'll also loose all your widgets, but you can cut and paste all of the html text to a text file to use again. You'll have to do your blog roll from scratch, easy if you use google reader.

    This is a great site if you need help:


    But I think you look great as you are...so save yourself the stress and put your feet up if it's not important for you!

  5. Cool Emmani, thanks. instructions....One of these days I am really going to have to read some instructions. I can't make omlettes for the same reason!
    Would losing my widgets be a bad thing?


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