I can’t type. I spilt water (or actually I think French beer, but am not admitting that) into my laptop keyboard. All of the keys are sticking and I have to delete half of the letters. I will be back when it dries out or is fixed.

I just wanted to mention the awful summer weather we have had. Cold, rainy and dark by tea time. Beloved snuggled down under the quilt last night to the sound of the rain pelting down on the roof outside of the open bedroom window.

‘This is so lovely’ says he ’Its great to be able to have covers on the bed & the rain makes it all so snuggly’. I feel I have been very unappreciative of our summer weather so far but I had to admit he was right.

Tomorrow is his s first day back at work, first lesson is 9am, so I have a bit more opportunity to get things back to normal. Lots of new items, presents from relatives, to find homes for. Luckily it is all sensible stuff. New towels from Damascus, which is apparentlt famous for ts towels. Heavily embroided bed covers from Syria too. My 5kg of olive oil soap. CLothes for me and the boys from Amman.

I will be back when the keyboard dries of a bit. HAve a good weekend.


  1. I spilt coffe (or was it wine?)over my pc keyboard & it still won't work, 2 years later ~ hope yours driwes out quicker

  2. Hi Killi
    It seems to be fine today. OH told me to leave it switched on all night but upside down so that it made a tent shape (its a laptop) and hopefully it would dry out and this morning it seems fine.Its quite handy having him home at times like this!

  3. Glad it's fine. & glad you're finding a use for OH :) Wish my laptop could be cured so easily, but it's now basically 1/2 a brain & 1/2 a keyboard ~ screen's dead, mouse is dead & 1/2 the keys are also! Really I ought to ditch it, but I can still use it as back-up when the pc goes mad.

    & it should have been DRIES not driWes! Bad typing & lack of proof reading


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