Last evening alone

So tomorrow we drive to the airport. I feel very unsettled. The house looks pretty good I think. My hair is cut and dyed (not sure that the badger look was very appealing). I haven't been grocery shopping as I thought he might like a stroll around ASDA tomorrow. We dont normally enjoy shopping at all but I know when he comes back he will be loving all things English, so ASDA it is. The kids cute and looking forward to seeing their dad. His car is making a funny noise when I break so I think we will have to drive up to the airport in mine. He wont like that as his is cheaper to run for a start but also becasue he loves his little car. Hopefully we get it fixed this week. I rang him earlier and he was fine but kept not making much sense. He wanted me to ring before bed time but now I cant get though. When he first left it was weird and didn't feel right but after a quarter of a year then it may be a bit disruptive going back to 'normal' too.