I haven't forgotten my blog

Sunday was so busy and such long day, Monday should have been back to normal but actually involved removing radiators and moving fridges when I got home from work. Tonight was a board meeting at work, so a 14 hour day (actually 13.5, as we left a half hour early, woohoo). So my work life balance has gone a bit haywire this week.
I do like to keep busy, honest I do, but sometimes I would like a bit of time to get my ducks in a row (figuratively speaking - I have no actual ducks).

I think I need a list!

This isn't going to be an actual list of things to do but it needs to be able to help me focus a bit, so more a list of things that I have to think about that actually do. Or actually it should have some activities on it but big ones - such as seek new mortgage rather than things like clean out fridge (which I have already done this week, by the way).

As I don't seem to have more than half a brain cell left I will aim to have my list, which I may think of as my strategic plan (have I been at work too much this week - oh, yes)started by tomorrow evening.

This is a photo of me on a day off - just to prove I do actually have them sometimes. I am at an exhibition of glass at Kew Gardens.