Strategic Plan

Well I obviously still need to do something about my work life balance as I haven't had time to think about my strategic plan properly. These are the first issues to be addressed but I may add to it during the week (or, if I am feeling a bit wild I might not).

1) New mortgage - A part of our mortgage has come to the end of its fix period. I telephoned to Abbey to sort out a new fix but because the value of houses has dropped so much my house isn't worth enough for them to consider loaning us money. I could get all irate because they have already loaned us the money etc and all that will happen if they do this fix is that we will get a better rate but there is no point in fighting it. Instead I will try a couple of other mortgage companies to see if they can accommodate us. I think its possible Abbey are just to confident in keeping customers. Maybe they are right, we will see.

2) Launch new website for Beloveds swim school. The old one is somewhat out of date & I was difficult to update etc. Going forward I will use a different product, something more suited to my abilities There will also be a new section for training courses as we are learning to add to our services.

3)Re-launch my friends website for holiday accommodation in Crete. It has the same problems as the swim school website in as much as it is difficult to update. However it is good for the community so I will start again.

4)I need to work on some sort of calendar/diary/planner system whereby everyone knows what is on everyday. I think of an online diary printed out on a3 & stick to the fridge (not my new beautiful fridge - just the old freezer)but I haven't decided for sure.

5)Think about Christmas. Pruning the present list to its minimum & keeping creativity, think about food & other possible expenditure.


  1. Christmas??? Is it that time again? I know I should be thinking about presents because I am visiting the majority of my family at Thankgiving this year instead of Christmas so I should do all shopping early...or maybe when I am there. Oh...I am such a procrastinator.

  2. its annoying about the mortgage lizzie. I would shop around though, its always worth a try.

    good luck with your Strategic Plan :)

  3. Hi Daizy
    I know you wont waste any cash though, thats for sure.
    Hi Laura
    What we have isnt bad still but I feel I could do better. I cant understand how the house price index says that house prices have gone down 2% but Abbey think mine has gone down 17% since the spring! Must be the area that has gone to the dogs!!!



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