The outsmarting of headaches

I very often wake up with a headache or migraine on Saturday. I hardly get them at all during week but Saturday head pain is my speciality.It seems to date back to a car crash I had in 1997 when my disc space in my neck was crushed but who knows, could be just getting older. Anyway I was sort of expecting one today as well because I volunteered to drive my friends husband to hospital about 150 miles away on Sunday, ready for a Monday appointment. There and back and settling him in will take most of my Sunday so I only have Saturday to get my laundry done and my husband nice and clean, so of course I will have a headache of some sort. Aha, my head was so keen to start aching that it woke me up at 4am, pounding and barely able to see. I was expecting this though and was armed with paracetamol and ibuprofen ( have to take 2 of each, doctors orders & I dont think she is trying to kill me off). Another dose of drugs at 8am as I made breakfast for Beloved & I am basically functioning okay now. In fact I have been a pretty busy bunny already, considering the day is barely started. 2nd load of washing is in & there are only three loads (big machine). First load is out on the line. I have re-stacked some wood behind the shed and bundled a lot of big rubbish into the hippo bag. Planted some vines that have been asking for a new life for a while. Vacuumed right through downstairs. Unstacked and re-stacked the dishwasher. Made flapjacks, also grilled chicken and made cheese & onion jacket potatoes for lunch. I would like to get all of the laundry dry and put away. Make some cakes for the boys & steam clean the hard floors. I am not sure why I am so full of energy but I am off now to take advantage of it.
See you later


  1. Ugh, headaches are so dibilitating. I had one this morning. I get sinus headaches often. I think I was cranky much of my childhood because of them but my parents just thought I was in a bad mood.

  2. Hi Daizy
    I didnt have them until about 10 years ago but if you were stuck with these all through childhood you have a right to be grumpy. I get the sinus ones too but they are better if I use a decongenstant. I hate getting older, I feel like I am falling to bits! ( I like that I know more & learn more but I hate that every aches all the time!)


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