Thursday, 11 September 2008

Plugging some holes

I am pretty good at looking after the bills in our household. I check the insurance before I renew. I check and change the energy supplier all the usual things. I shop sensibly. Buy to a list and bulk buy & store my bargains. I cook from scratch and we rarely waste.
So why I am not rolling in cash? Well a few reasons.
1)We don't need to be rolling in cash. If I had more spare money then it would come off the mortgage & we would be free to retire earlier.
2)Big mortgage! We have quite a bit of property because it is my husbands pension scheme. We could sell this house or the Greek House and repay the mortgage in full but its not necessary at the moment, but it is our exit strategy.
3) This is the one we have to deal with - we fritter. We treat & fritter. The kids make a bit of a dent as well but mostly it is waste. This week I have been really trying to plug the holes.
I have tried to address a few things. Work on the sensible shopping (cash at Lidl this week). Taking breakfast to work every day. We are lucky enough to have a kitchen on each floor at work, microwave, toaster, hots water etc. I also took lunch each day. Leftovers or sandwiches. I didn't pop into the shop between main shopping visits - no wasteful extras. All week Beloved has eaten at home before he leaves the house. No temptation to have that awful greasy fried chicken that he so loves. Tomorrow Beloved is removing his roof rack and he is avoiding the air con. We are plugging the little holes, one at a time.


  1. I think it's all the little things that make a big difference Lizzie, so I think it's right to 'plug' them :)

  2. It does seem to be.I also like the feeling of control that you get from not needing things as well. Very empowering. I am taking a tip from you and going off to the library tomorrow too! POtential more money saved.


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