Sunday, 28 September 2008

Preparing for winter

I stocked up on lamb & beef yesterday as we are intending to spend the afternoon making sausages, burgers, meatballs and meat loaf ahead of winter. We don't eat much meat in summer, and definitely not much red meat but as the days get colder a nice spaghetti and meatballs or meatloaf with potatoes and veg becomes increasingly tempting.

However Beloved has now decided he wants to plumb in the fridge when he gets home from work, so I hope that goes well and we can move onto our meat prep session afterwards.If it goes badly then I will quietly disappear because I don't like to be around ratty men ( husband and son will argue about who knows best.)

I need to cut the grass later as well. Its nice and sunny today so the grass is dry and there can be no excuses.

We had visitors of Friday evening so I rushed home from work and whizzed round the house with the vacuum cleaner. I then steam cleaned all the hard floors, wiped around the kitchen, put a laundry load on to wash and stacked the dishwasher. This wasn't all of my housework plans of course but it made such a dent in my list that I really enjoyed the rest of my weekend and had time for more pottering about. I am thinking of trying this on a Friday evening for a while & see if it works out. I normally just collapse in a big on Fridays!

As part of my Christmas preparation I am trying an experiment.l I have put 3 litres of value apple juice in a demijohn with a little dried yeast. In theory this should be apple wine by Christmas, but we will see!

I am also preparing lunches for the start of the week. A turkey, pasta & mayo combination which my sons like to take to work. Also a coronation chicken with pasta.This should keep us going until about Wednesday. The beginnings of weeks are always busy so I much prefer to get food for these days sorted in advance.

The sunny garden is calling me.....


  1. Plumb the fridge in? What kind of fridge is this?

    I wish my daughter would take the time to make some sandwiches for work. She even skips breakfast and I'm pretty sure that if I didn't make dinner, she'd just have hotdogs or pizza every day.

  2. Cold water. We drink gallons of water, in fact only water for the most part. Usually we just refill water bottles and stick them back in the fridge but if you do that at some point you have to buy water & we dont need to because tap water tastes best anyway. So when we needed a new fridge we decide to spend a little more and get a cold water one. The plumbing in was a nightmare and its not finished yet! Its enough to drive you to some other drink!



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