PS to the summer of keeping busy

oh, oh, oh, I forgot I also did a few other things;

Sorted out the DVD collection - it is now in one place and on its way to be alphabetical (Beloved is dyslexic - this is the equivalent to a shelf of books for him).

Sorted out the Direct Debit payments from the bank ac (and accidental cancelled a couple which should have still been in use -oops).

Sorted out 'favourites' - Blogs, websites and other resource - however I have since been infected with something and they have gone all over the place again.

and maybe some other things which will come to me as soon as I publish this!


  1. Hi Lizzie - am just back from holidays and have enjoyed catching up on your blog. You must be so excited to have your husband home again - what a long time you've been without him. You've used your summer well, though, by the sounds of it. My son is back to school on Thursday, after almost 10 weeks of summer holidays, so it'll be time for me to get more organised once again with the housework, menu planning, decluttering and so on - urghh!

  2. Hi Caroline
    I just phoned him, he is bored & homesick. Yayy! Wouldn't it be awful if he wasn't.
    Keeping busy was the best plan and having a deadline to get everythig finished by.
    My son is at college from next Monday, and the other is now in full time work, so they have a lot less time to undo all my good work!
    My plan now is to be a bit more careful with my work life balance. We rarely get chance to eat as a family now that the kids are growing,so we have to make plans a bit more.
    Happy organising!


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