Relaxing at home

Our sitting room used to be decorated in a parchment wallpaper with a sage green leaf pattern. The woodwork was all picked out in the same gentle sage green & the carpet was the same colour.

After some years we had a flood from the bathroom. We replaced the carpet with block wooden flooring (still loving it) and painted the whole room cream, the walls, woodwork and picture rail. Beloved also bought a ridiculously over sized TV (which I have never like and we hardly watch anyway - but the Olympics were good on it!). We invested in a new sofa and chairs, cream leather. What was I thinking, cold and uncomfortable. The room grow unloved. It didn't feel comfy and homely at all, just a place to pass through. Only the bird and cats stayed in here for any period of time, and the cats weren't hanging around long.

When Beloved was away I redecorated, the walls are still creamy but a warmer cream. The picture rail is picked up in a lovely dark mulberry, which goes with the sofa & curtains and the new paint on the chimney breast. The dark chimney breast makes the TV less imposing. I have turfed out so much clutter and what is left are just things were actually like. I am loving this new look and so is every else. We have all moved back into the room from our various haunts around the house. All for the price of some paint and new curtains.

Its a money saver too as we dont feel like going out. I just have to make sure now that they dont get so comfy that they think we need to get SKY tv again.


  1. That's right, what good is a room if you don't use it? Did you do anything to the leather furniture to make them more cozy?

  2. Thats what I though. We have a small house and we built an extension to it. So if we then stop using the original room then all of the building was a waste.
    I sold them on ebay and nicer one second hand, and a second one from freecycle. I am sitting on the seocnd hand one to type. Its silk velvet, very comfy on the bum!


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