Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Comfort in the mundane

I am having a lovely week and time is whizzing by (always a sign that life is good).
Beloved is back at work. He is a swimming teacher so work is at random times, not 8 hour days finishing at 5pm. Nonetheless we build up a routine which suits us. From this term we have a few changes but in a week or so we will be used to them. Before I left this morning I asked Beloved to cook some rice. I planned a Thai curry but no-one likes how I cook my rice so I hoped for some assistance. When we spoke on the phone just before he left for lessons I asked about the rice. 'Whoops, I forgot'. Hmmm.
So I was surprised, which I guess was the plan, to smell a lovely spicy curry and perfectly cooked Burghal (Bulgar wheat) when I got home from work. Also the kitchen looked a lot better and the work tops were immaculate. And so life returns to normal.

Eldest son is working so we don't see him much during the week. His work is hard but he likes it and is proud of the team. Youngest son is at college starting yesterday. He is loving it. We have a routine when I drop him at the station on my way to work. On some days he can get a lift home from the station as well, on some days he is earlier than me and can walk. Its only three miles, so an enjoyable walk. On Monday he starts college at 11.30am. He plans to get his father to the gym with him (we have free family membership since Beloved works there for 45 minutes a week - bargain!). So, our routine starts to work out nicely.

When I was a teenager and into my twenties I fought routine like it was the enemy. I didn't believe it had a place in my life. I was much to wild to be contained by routine. It was some years before it became my friend & lately it seems to be turning into a comfortable family member.


  1. H Lizzie, I'm the same fighting routines, I hate it when things stay the same for too long, I go stagnant!
    I love the feeling of thinking that anything can be done at any time, that's why I love the 'manyana' (spelling?) attitude of India. There's no set times or dates, just turn up, no weekends, it's keeps you on your toes and you never know when there might be something to get excited about!

    I can help you with rice... always use basmati, never wash the rice, 1 cup of rice is enough for 2 adults. Add 2 cups of cold water and bring to the boil with a lid on. Boil vigorously for 5 minutes and then turn off the heat. Don't take the lid off. Rice will be ready in about 10 minutes but you can leave it there for hours and it will be perfect...

    Good luck and I hope you manage to impress your family!

  2. Hi Emmani
    Because we have college and work to worry about then we need a little routine but I dont have days and times for doing things, that would be killing. I met my husband when we both lived in Greece, a country where anything can turn into a party at any moment, lovely.
    That is sort of how I try to do my rice but I think I know, from reading yours, what I do wrong. I cant leave it alone. I check and poke & prod, and check some more.
    Good thing is that OH has made (another) curry & burghal.
    I will try to impress them at the weekend when he is too busy to cook for us. Thanks for your help


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