Dusting off the slow cooker

There is a definite nip in the air. This week I have had to close the big bedroom window at night and only have the little one open. Last night I had to close even the small one.

Although it is bright and sunny this morning the feeling is that we are going into a cold, cold winter with fuel prices riding high, food prices on the increase, investments and savings worth, or perceived to be worth, less than ever. We need coping strategies to get through.

My sister is going to shut the house up tight & light candles! This is going to be her plan through the winter, more cold = more candles. I suspect fluffy blankets & hot water bottles will also feature. Last evening I visited another friend & drank my coffee wrapped in a fluffy blanket! No-one is wasting an ounce of fuel. When we came home last evening I noticed our house was far warmer, even though we wouldn't put the heating on for ages yet anyway. We have cavity wall insulation, roof insulation, double glazing, the conservatory roof is some high tech product that heat and cold out. Being green (and mean) in the past is payng off for us now. I have also got to make some changes. I have dug out additional curtain linings to go behind the lined curtains already in the sitting room. I have heavy velvet curtains in the attic to warm up the conservatory, I just wish I could find them. So that is something else to do. I don't have loads of candles but I do have hundreds of Ikea tea lights. My sister is right, if you shut the curtain up tight and make sure all the doors are closed then it does warm the room up & the little twinkling lights and really pretty too!

What else can I do? We have a couple of fluffy blankets but a couple more would be good too. Stews and soups need to be back on the menu. Do I use the slow cooker or be brave and try the pressure cooker? I am terrified of the pressure cooker but I am going to challenge myself to use it. The food from it is delicious, much better than the slow cooker, but the slow cooker doesn't give the impression that it will lift of the gas and fly around the room!

What else can I do?

Looks like this is turning into a list ( I am very keen on lists since I turned 40 - helps me to focus).

1.Thermal underwear and socks, for everyone.
2.Plenty of chili powder in the soups and stews.
3.Search out recipes for lentil/split pea dishes - very warming.

I may be back to add to the list later as I am inspired.

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  1. There's no denying winter is on it's way now is there!

  2. Nope but I am quite getting into it now!


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