Tuesday, 30 September 2008

My family

My family are lovely! Its my Mum & Dads 58th wedding anniversary today. They are really cool together. Today they went out to lunch together at their favourite pub, 'Tony's'. They were never apart all their life except to go to work. Now they are both retired they have a little routine which suits them. First thing in the morning they go for a swim and buy the paper on the way back. My dad has the Daily Mail every day even though he hates it because my mum like the crossword and he thinks its a waste to buy two papers! After breakfast they go to the shops to stock up on bargains (my sister and I are often on the receiving end of bargains as they buy more than they need.). Then back to the house for lunch at 1pm, always at 1pm. Then a little snooze and cup of tea. Afternoon if for gardening. Another cup of tea and a slice of cake is the gateway to evening of TV viewing. I have never heard them argue and did mention this one day and my mum said they could never be bothered! We all fit easily into the routine and all get on well together. We, my parents, my sister and her husband, at least one of my sons, me & my husband, spend every Saturday evening at my parents house (gosh, aren't we wild!) catching up on a week of gossip and goings on. Sometimes we go on holiday together. Its very easy because we have known each other for ever. There are no surprises. We know who likes what, who likes to go where and so on. I hear some people talk about spending time with their family like its an awful task but its my favourite place to be. When we fitted 8 of us and a dog into a caravan in Cornwall one year (and it rained daily)one of Mum co-swimmers asked if we had fallen out at all. The idea of not getting on is so alien to us that we thought she meant falling out of the caravan. Life is way too short not to get on. Its always later than you think.

Emmani- if you are reading, look, I did it!!!


  1. Hello Lizzie
    Just as you say - Life's too short to fall out.
    Like the new look, very tidy lol

  2. Wow! I love the new blog layout :)

  3. Love the new template! So colorful and stylish.

  4. Oop I'm reading backwards...you did a fab job Lizzie. I love it!

  5. Love it! It looks great Lizzie :)

  6. Thank you! This is what I would look like if blogger templates could be attached to people!!


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