I was mooching about today, as I do when I can get some time on the Internet. I came across this blog Taurus Rising. It looks like a really good read, although I haven't read too much yet. I filtered the posts to get a look on the building of a pizza oven. I am inspired! (lets hope the my husband feels the same - he is the builder, I am the supervisor).

Today I made beef stew again in the pressure cooker, without hiding behind an concrete wall. Yay, I am not such a big chicken after all. It is so lovely. This is now a staple.

Lots of my house plants have been living in the garden for a while. Yesterday I took the opportunity (it stopped raining for 30 seconds) to clean up the planting, top up the compost and re-pot the biggies. They are now ready to come indoors and face the winter. They might get a bit of a surprise though as I am trying to avoid heating indoors this winter anyway. Hopefully their autumn of freedom has hardened them off a bit.

Today we had to buy some stationery for my baby for college. He needed 4 lever arch files and a ton of pens. We bought three packets of 10 pens on a buy 2 get 1 free deal. We also got 10% off everything because baby had his student card. We bought a half price magnetic chilli pen to live on the fridge. When we got home we found that we had also been credit for all of the pens. I may have misunderstood the advertised price but somehow, and this doesnt happen often, everything came to a lot less than I anticipated.

I am trying to think of a new name for the blog. I fancy a change. I do that a lot.


  1. We're having beef pie tonight - basically stew in pastry! I love it! Stews, casseroles, rice pies - they're all things I love about this time of the year.

    Am off to have a butcher's at that website now.

  2. I want a pizza oven too. Someday when I live in a house without wheels I will have my pizza oven...and garden...and chickens.

  3. oh yes, meat and potatoe pie like my nan always made. It was huge and seem to feed hundreds of us. A stew covered in the shortest pastry ever. My mouth is watering just remembering.

    Well you can have the oven first and then work up to the rest. I have confidence in you!


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