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Another new blog to read today. I might have to go part time just to fit all of my reading in. This is the new brainchild of Rhonda Jean at Down to Earth, it is called the Simple Green Frugal Co-op, a bit of a mouthful so I might be referring to it as just 'The Co-op'. It is written by a number of like minded contributors and so far we have had an interesting selection of topics.

and on the subject of other blogs Fiona form the Cottage Smallholder has provided a recipe today for the ultimate spag bol. My boys and I love spag boll but my husband doesn't. I think he had a bad spaghetti experience as a child plus he doesn't like minced meat. Anyway we are going to try this recipe next week to see whether we can finally get him on board. It worked for her reluctant pasta eating partner so maybe also for mine.

I showed the wonderful pizza oven, from Taurus Rising, to husband last evening and he seemed really interested, so I went back to read a bit more tonight and was rewarded with more photos of the pizza oven growing.

Laura at Move to Portugal reminded me how fortunate I am to have a north facing conservatory (home made from recycled bits and bobs wherever possible)which Is always warmish but never too warm, where my washing can hang on the clothes horse for a bit of an airing.

I have been to my sisters house this evening and we seem to be carrying on the heating with candles experiment. So far so good but we are up to 6 tea lights already and it was only 12 degrees when I checked the outside temperature. How many tea lights will be required when it gets down to zero?? Luckily there is a new Ikea opening locally in the spring, so we can top the central heating at a good price.


  1. I didn't know there were people who didn't like spaghetti! I learned something new. It is one of my favorite foods but I like it with a lot of cheddar cheese on top.

  2. When I lived in Norway it was generally below zero during winter but candles helped a lot. A couple of big ones on the table and several tea-lights scattered around were enough for us to be able to turn the heating down considerably. It's a habit we brought back with us so our candle consumption during winter is high (although even during summer we burn candles on the table outside when it's nippy in the evening but we want to sit out).

  3. well, if he is to be beleived & its not just a childhood memory distortion,then there was once a worm in the spagetti, so I can kind off see where he is coming from. My parents have never had spagetti, except tinnned on toast. Mind you they were in their seventies before they discovered the joys are garlic bread!

    Really Sharon, so we havn't gone compeltely nuts. I will tell her. I think i ight buy my brother in law a vest for christmas though as he doesnt seem to be enjoying it so much.

  4. hi lizzie. thanks for the thumbs up and kind words and im glad youre finding something useful from my blog! the pizza oven actually would be a complete cinch if it wasnt for the restrictions of feeding and looking after a baby, so tell your hubby that if i can do it, anyone can! i think i might do a step by step blog post on the oven as i have had quite a few people in blog land interested in 'how to'. im aiming for a mid nov. finish date!
    Cheers, Kel

  5. Hi Kel
    Yep, thats what we need, full instructions = no excuses. He was well impressed!
    Thanks for popping over

  6. I hate spaghetti ~ always have ~ & it put me off all pasta for years. I eat & love pasta now, except spaghetti which I cook only for the childer & animals!

  7. Hi Lizzie

    Thanks for the link! Danny loves this recipe so I'm making another monster batch tomorrow!


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