Scarey Pressure Cooker Meals

Okay. Stew cooked in the pressure cooker was fantastic!

Stewing beef, onions, potatoes, carrots, a beef stock cube and some Worcester sauce. I cant believe such a simple selection of ingredients became so delicious so quickly. The only problem was no opportunity to add the dumplings.

My first pressure cooker came from Freecycle. I went to someones house to pick up a jam thermometer and the lady giving it away asked me if I cooked. When I said yes she offered me the pressure cooker as well. The first meals we cooked in it were wonderful but it was too small, the meals were not enough for a family of four, especially when it includes two teenage boys. SO we Freecycled it on and bit the bullet, bought one is Argos.

The new pressure cooker was a bit more sophisticated than the old one and I was terrified of the basic one. So it has sat on the saucepan shelf since last winter. Today I braved it (by which I mean I got my husband to set the dinner going in it!) and it was worth it.

I am still scared of it but I will persevere. I am still scared on the pressure cooker but not quite as much as I was!


  1. Hello Lizzie
    I'm glad you had a happy ending to the cooking with steam day :)

    I remember the 'thing' my Mum had - she loved it. It hissed and made noises so I was very wary of it - and that was as an adult lol

    Friends have them and swear by them but I'm still not sure, and the other thing is, do I really need one? lol

    Take care

  2. I have childhood memories of the hissing pressure cooker too. Scary thing. I'm more of a slow cooker myself. Just too timid I guess.

  3. I've never tried one and would probably be scared myself. To be honest, I think I'll just pass on it. Glad your stew tasted divine, though.x

  4. I'm scared too, I always get my Mum or husband to open it!

    Stews and curries are just melt in your mouth, so much nicer...

    A little tip from my father in law, rub a little oil around the rubber ring before each use, it keeps it supple and makes a better seal.

  5. I'm scared stiff of them too... i only use mine to make xmas puddings (cos without the pressure cooker it takes around 6 hours of steaming). tip: if you need to get it open in a hurry then you can dump the whole thing carefully in the sink and run the cold water tap over the lid. it'll hiss and steam but the pressure will drop rapidly - useful if you think its about to boil dry.

    have fun with it!


    p.s. if you want the link to the xmas pud recipe - its on my blog :)

  6. Hiya
    I feel a lot better that its not just me. I am determined to get to grips with it, without hiding behind the old man, by the end of the winter.
    I am planning lamb and dahl for Saturday, all be myself!
    Oh yes, Christmas pudding is definitely on my wish list.


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