I am still ploughing my way through all of the hundreds of apples I have been given. We have had a crumble the size of a small planet and tonight stewed apple ( I added sugar and a little burned to the pan, making stewed toffee apple - I never admit to having burned something.)

My mum has more blackberries for me on Saturday and more plums. Tomorrow we are visiting our friends with the grape vines. I am half expecting (and hoping) to be offered an opportunity to pick what I want. However I am suffering from autumn fruit overload. What am I going to do with , say, 5 kilo of black grapes? Last year I made jam, pr more correctly jelly as it was strained. It was okay but not identifiable as grape. It just tasted of indeterminate fruit. The obvious option is wine. Is it just a matter of crushing grapes until the juice runs and then fermenting it? Anyone have any other ideas? I wonder if I shouldn't be making these plans. Will this mean that I wont actually get offered any grapes.


  1. Hello Denise
    You could always freeze some and then use for a crumble another day. Apple sauce will keep if bottled like jam but in baby food jars and then you could have that with yogurt
    Can't help with the grapes ('cept in eating them) why not try the library or internet for recipes
    Take care

  2. I've never had any grapes to do anything with so haven't a clue what to suggest. Like you, I'm still trying to get through a load of apples. LM doesn't much like apples and even I'm getting tired of things that taste appley now.

  3. Hello Lizzie, me again
    I found a web site that uses a crockpot and guess what - she has a recipe for cooking an apple butter (bit like lemon curd) in the crockpot

    Hope this link works - try Copy and Paste into google



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