Friday, 10 October 2008

Well that'll teach me!

Went to visit my 'grape' friends tonight, hoping for leftovers. They had picked & crushed every last one. I didn't need to worry about what i was going to do with them after all. Now I feel a bit of a silly for assuming that I might get some. So that'll teach me.

Even without my free fruit I am still doing a bit of squirrelling away. Tomorrow I am going the new veg shop in the town, very affordable, and also the market. Then to the 99p shop for the few bits which are cheaper there, like four tins of Cross & Blackwell Beans are £0.99 instead of £2.29. Then to Lidl for kidney beans & sweetcorn plus some winter meat (such as stewing beef). I have a small shoulder of lamb to pressure cook with lentils and a Kashmiri curry powder which I got from the Asian supermarket. That will feed us for a couple of days with a fluffy loaf.

I also plan to vacuum right through and clean the hard floors, plus the kitchen and bathroom. The bathroom suddenly looks awful so I need some moments alone with it for sure!

In the evening my Mum & I are advertising a few more things on eBay. So far she is doing better than me so I need to catch up.

Enjoy your weekends.


  1. I just bought some lentils to experiment with. Can you believe I have never tried cooking with them before? Good luck with your squirreling.

  2. We don't have a Lidl here but there is one in the next town so I must pop in there next time I'm passing through. Thanks for reminding me.

  3. Lidl and lentils, along with plenty of fresh veg, are a major part of my strategy for living on a budget without feeling like we are living on a budget. My German friend says that if you shop in Lidl over there they call it 'giving yourself a payrise'.
    Have a good weekend


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