Do things your own way

I hope anyone reading the last post did realise that I am as far from a perfect housewife as possible ( I vacuum the inside of the freezer, apparently this is not a normal thing)however I make my own way in the world and it works fine for us. I would encourage anyone to do what suits them.

There is a new task which I know irritates me but which I feel I want to do nonetheless. I am wondering how I can change my approach to making packed lunches. I still see it as a burden but as it is no different, in reality, from cooking dinner then I don't see why I should. It is my new challenge to turn this around in my head.

I have started to re-knit a bag with the wool I bought back in the summer. So far I still have to stop between each row and massage my fingers but I am going to use up all of the wool I bought before I make a decision on whether knitting is viable for me or whether I am just making my joints worse.

Some of the things I advertised on eBay have sold. All in all I am having a really good week, hope everyone else is too.