DIY Friday

Since our youngest son is full time at college now and the eldest is working full, full, full time (58 hours a week usually)so there isn't much help for my husband as he carries on renovating this old house around us. This week he fitted a new door frame between the sitting room and the kitchen and also hung a door and fitted door furniture ( neither of which he likes to do)in the guest bathroom. Now he is stuck without a little help from a gopher. Tomorrow I have a day off to assist with the rest of the door frame (all the fancy bits around the edge) and also hang the really long curtain poles. One of them is 3.6m so its definitely a two 'man' operation. If all goes well we will finish in half day. I can then get a head start on the weekend work of cleaning, laundry.....

Thursday evening is usually my attic declutter day, however I had a migraine in the night, last night and my head feels like it is hanging on by a thread, so no attic for me tonight. If I get a cleaning head start tomorrow then Saturday can take over as attic day plus I can start finding the Christmas decorations. My youngest son and I plan to really go over the top with Christmas deccies. Last year was ill at Christmas and he says Christmas just didn't feel Christmassey enough so this year we will go crazy.

I have to go to my bed now as my eldest son and his friend are building a fibreglass guitar in the conservatory. The smell is lovely but I don't think it is doing my head any good at all, so time to run away.