Friday night is .....

Planning night. I remember when it was party night but I like it as planning night. One of the best things about turning 40 was so many new things suddenly becoming interesting. Lists were just one of them ( I toyed with buying a caravan but grew out of the idea)and one that has become very useful as my memory seems to have left home too.

So, to my Friday night list of weekend plans-
Clean mirrors and windows with Cathy's recipe window cleaner.
Finish, dry and return laundry (return to family members I mean)
Buy two more curtain pole and curtain hooks.
Find and hang remaining curtains.
Vacuum right through.
Mop hard floors.
Wipe kitchen worktops, fronts etc
Wipe over bathroom.
Buy shampoo & conditioner from discount chemist in the town.
Post letter. Lunch! (not sure what - lets see what happens.
Dig about more in attic.
Drop DVD player into charity shop.
Take eBay photos ( I did this on Monday but they were awful as I had to use the flash. I haven't been in the house in daylight since last weekend so this is my first chance.)

Totally unrelated picture of my little village in Crete.


  1. I love lists, but I always have. I think I was born with the list gene. You list is motivating me to clean!

    Very pretty picture of Crete. Do you have pictures of your home there?

  2. I fought aginst lists and any other organisation tool for years. HOwever I am now a convert. They make life considerably easier to manage, especially as I dont seem to be able to keep everything in my head anymore.

    oh yes. but it not finihsed yet.It isnt quite finihsed but looking good. I will post a few this week.

    Have a good weekend.

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