What a little fat girl can do for the environment....

As my children are now 18 & 16 it might be about time to accept that I am not going to lose the weight I put on when I was pregnant without a bit more effort. You may have guessed I am making my New Year plans already.

Our diet is quite healthy already so I portion control could be the way ahead. My husband has lost 25kg by cutting down on portion size. I think I might be a little piggy! I obviously eat less than the kids but they are teen aged boys and use up a lot of calories. I don't get enough exercise either. By the time I get home from work I really don't feel a bit like going to the gym or anywhere else.

I really want to walk to and from work. Its 2.7miles so it should be do-able but I do have a really bad back. However if I loose weight then maybe my back improves. I will also save a tank of petrol every two weeks. Disadavantages (apart from awful back ache) will be a lot of time spent walking. I usually get to work at around 8am and work until 6pm. So maybe (definitely) longer hours out of the house.

I give my son a lift to the station in the morning. He will probably be happy to walk with me but we will have to leave awful early to get there in time for his train. I also wont be able to run errands so easily if I dont have the car avilable to me in daytime - or maybe I can just get organised and not need to.

Can I stick with it? I might start a couple of days a week initially.


  1. Hello Lizzie
    It sounds like a good idea but maybe one day a week would be the way to start. For example Wednesday could be the carless day - plan around it, no errands that day.
    Also remember the weather won't be the best in January - late sunrise and early sunset. Is there an alternative way to get home if it decides to pour or even (snow) at the time you would be walkng home?
    Take care

  2. I can't get your newer post thingy to work :(, only the older post. Blogger hates me!

  3. Tonight as we came home in the car I was very pleased to not be walking, your right Cathy. It was that horrid spitting rain that gets right through your clothes. I will break myself in my carefully and then hopefully i wont go off it so quick.
    Killi, is it something I have done?

  4. I don't think so as it happens on Gypsy Quilter's blog as well. I just think Blogger hates me! It let me post 1 photo, then took my editing tools away once more so I couldn't do a post on my eldest's wedding

  5. I need to put on 20 kg. Can we swap?

  6. Killi, thats weird. I sometimes have blogger problems but only when everyone else does, not just random ones of my own.

    Sharon, if you can work out how to take it away you have a deal!!


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