Friday, 21 November 2008

Friday Night Planner

I like my weekend list. It adds structure to my thought and actions and makes everything far more manageable.
Plus I find I am more likely to get things done if I have publicized my plans.

My son decided this week that he was going to make a fibreglass guitar. So he and some friends were making lot of noise in the conservatory as they built the mold. Afterwards my son said 'Mike said his mum would have gone nuts if he did anything like this in the house'. Mikes mums house always looks beautiful and immaculate whereas our house looks pretty good as long as I don't let any of my men/boys through the front door, to mess it up. After some thought my son said 'but i really love our house, its a proper home. What the point of everything being perfect if you cant do anything there'. I was really pleased but used the opportunity to say that our house could look 'Sunday morning good' all the week if the men folk of the house just took a little more care. We will see but I thought I saw something in his eyes that suggested that the message had finally gone in.

Anyway, back to my list.

Vacuum and steam floors as appropriate
Clean bathroom
Wipe over kitchen
Top up shopping-cheese, cat food, bread.
Pick up prescription from the surgery.
Drop some clothes at the Salvation Army (third bag this week - the attic is getting more accessible every day).
Trip to the Asian supermarket for green chillies.
Sort through the remiang cooking apples and make stewed apples with anything which is still okay.

Time to get started

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