Winter preparation - How it progresses

The nights are getting a bit colder now and I have had to scrape ice form the windscreen a couple of times. Winter is on its way although on the South coast of England its never too harsh, a couple of degrees below zero is our limit, usually.

My winter coat and been found & will be washed and dried this coming weekend. It is a dry clean only but I think its old enough now to be able to handle the washing machine on delicate.

I have reminded my husband to put anti-freeze in the cars. This normally carries on until about March when I give up.

Next weekend the winter weight quilt will be found (hopefully) bagged up in the attic and bed time will be warm and sunugglyagain.

The house is insulated so intensely that for a good bit of the year I am trying to cool it down so it nice feeling a little cold form time to time.

I have hung door curtains on the both of the doors from the sitting room. They need shortening (weekend too, I am going to be busy)but they really help it to warm up quickly in here. We haven't needed heating yet (except for the first night back form holiday)but it is still pretty good in here, on the whole.

I have a curtain available to block of the front door but am waiting for the pole to be fixed up. Tomorrow may be pole hanging day (yahoo - how can that be so exciting).

I still haven't found the curtains for the conservatory but I am spending tomorrow evening in the attic and wont give in until I find them.

I need to do one last cut of the lawn before winter but when I am home it is always wet.her job for the weekend.

Just remember, more curtain information. I have hung an extra set of linings to the curtains in the front windows. I am wondering if I am am getting just a bit curtains obsessive but they are really good insulators and very affordable, plus of course in summer I can change them over with something lightweight.

, One last thingI have a couple of Christmas Preparation things on my list too. I have started a present/food shopping list and have been practicing various recipes on the kids.


  1. Wow! You really are a busy bee :)

  2. I've had the down feather quilt on the bed for a month! I think I like to pretend it is cold here. Good luck with all of your winter preparations!

  3. I swear I should be as skinny as a rake as I do seem to be always doing something but it just doesnt work that way. I guess curtain hanging isnt an aerobic excercise!

    I wouldnt be without. I love the summer but I love the changes even more. Enjoy your hols



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