Sunday, 7 December 2008

I need more lists!

I read yesterday, and I cant remember where as I had a bit of bloggy overload, that goals are more attainbale if you document them and kep them in the forefront of your mind. With this is mind, and because I am a big shameless copy cat, I am poaching a few ideas from the Early Retirement the Middle way blogspot, which I discovered yesterday.

What I am up to and/or
What I am working on (not sure these are sufficiently differnt in my head to separate into two).
Where I'm Heading
Goals (this may be split down into categories)

I am also going to re-visit my Net Worth Calculation- although I am not sure that this means anything at all when house values & even pension values are changing on a daily basis. At the least though it should be intersting.

The approach if the new year always effects me in this way and its a good time to think about paths to the future.

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