I've been tagged

Daizy at Frugal Freedomhas tagged me to tell 6 things about me. Hmmm, let’s think....

1) As I was leaving senior school I wrote to NASA and asked about joining the space program, I think as an astronaut. They didn’t tale me seriously (wisely?) and I never heard from them.

2) I went on holiday with a friend to Greece for two weeks in 1987. I stayed almost two years and came back with a Syrian fisherman. The home office gave us 28 days to get married but we did it 24!

3) Despite marrying a Syrian fisherman (and everyone saying that would last 5 minutes) we will have been married 20 years next month, and have two teenage boys to show for it too.

4) I come from Devon and have traced parts of my family back to 1650. We are farming folk through and through, but have links to France & Spain. Might explain my love of growing useful plants.

5) I can make stained glass panels. My mum classically once said, after being dragged up to look at the stained glass close up in a Cathedral, 'oh, but it isn’t any better than yours up close!'. She had never seen stained glass panels close up before and thought mine were not graceful enough with their solder joints.

6) I am way too easily bored and continually seek new information, new skills, and new abilities. Because of this I have hundreds of books, CDs and DVDs, which are definitely not clutter. I was born to be a part of the internet age.

So that’s me. Oh, oh one sneaky extra one. I, and my husband and kids, love roller coasters. Scarier the better!


  1. Very interesting! I bet since you love roller coasters you would have been a great astronaut! Was your husband really a fisherman? I bet that's why he's such a good swimmer. Your mother is funny...didn't like your solder joints! So funny!

  2. I think so. I was obviously NASAs loss!
    He really was a fisherman. He used to catch big swordfish and sharks and carry them up in to the village on his shoulders, to deliver them to the restaurant where I was a waitress.
    I know. She is really cheeky to me, but ofcourse lovely.

  3. Nasa's loss was your husbands gain! All 6 are great

    Can you hear me tut tutting over the 'not clutter' :)

  4. Yep, I really can! You are stronger than me. I dont have actual ornaments and what used to be called 'bric a brac', its all necessary! (honest!!)

  5. I can so relate to number 6.

    I'm fascinated by your stained glass. What kind of things do you make?


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