Mortgage, debt and more 2

After I posted my blog last night I downloaded a snowball calculator from here, to help me prioritise my debts. My mortgage is in 4 different chunks, with four different terms and conditions, rates etc so I need to consider my options.

Second activity is to make the most of eBay. I have lots to sell but I don't do it very well. I am going to follow Laura's guide, stop rushing and do it properly.

Third activity is to do a 'buying book' through January. I will record everything I buy, why I buy and how I was feeling. The idea is to uncover if I buy things to make me feel better or if I buy because of need. I will be most disappointed in myself if I buy for pleasure. Time will tell. Its an experiment for January only as it is too much upkeep for all the time.

Lastly though, I mustn't lose my new found freedom in the decision to try new things, I just have to be a bit sensible about cost. A balance is required.