Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Are we simple enough?

It occurs to me, as the rest of the bloggy world declutters, that I am a bit (too)selective in my decluttering. In 46 years on the planet I have only parted with about 20 books, and only then because they were truly dreadful. I have never sold a DVD or CD on eBay, unless they were duplicates. I don't collect ornaments, handbags or shoes but I have more books than is probably entirely necessary. We also own a lot of DVDs & Cd's (and MP3 players). I have thought long and hard about whether they should go but a couple of things have made me conclude that they are here to stay.

Our financial advisor came around one evening to see us (we don't have him anymore but he was kind off hard to shake off.)and said he loved coming around because the house always looked so welcoming as he approached, with the lighting and all the books & Cd's.

Second thing is when I used to babysit as a teenager I couldn't find a thing to do all evening if people weren't book readers. The house seemed really dull. The babysitting was for actual sleeping babies so no real work to do.

Thirdly, I suspect family would go a bit nuts if all the movies disappeared, we are a family of movie buffs.

So I am continuing to de-clutter but my own way.

This to me just looks like the best office ever. I wish I knew whose it was. I could while away a happy afternnon in there no problem.


  1. Books are great...until you have to move. Do you have a place for them at the Crete house?

  2. Hello Lizzie
    You know Daizy has a point - they are very bulky and heavy. A bugger when you are moving (speaking from experience here)

    Also the climate is slightly different there as well - will there be air con'd as well as thru the open window?

    Take care

  3. I cant tell a lie, I have set aside an area in the Crete house to extend the collection! Dont worry, I am not thinking of ever moving, I do remember what it was like 10 ten years ago when we moved here. Never again!

  4. How many books is too many? I must have about 9,000 titles at a rough guestimate. Many of them were rescues & rehomers (KilliKer ~ rest home for the unwanted book?) I was a Librarian & our habitat is books. I still have some books to move over here ~ they're on my waggon, but a vast area of my container was/is books & most haven't been unpacked & only a fraction of those that have been have been cataloguedcoricit


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