Shopping conundrum

I have lovely photos of Ostend and hopefully have time to post about our trip yesterday. It was fun but would have been more so if police had not decided to 'stack' the trucks going into Dover. We were a hour late arriving in Ostend, which gave us just 3 hours in town. We had to wait an extra hour at the boat on the way back as well. A very long day.

Last week my husband spent £98(ish) in B&Q. After he had paid, the cashier said 'you know if you had spend £100 then you could have had a £15 voucher' & laughed. My husband found that most amusing as you can imagine. I would have returned the goods at this point and then re-bought then plus some batteries to get my £15. Grrrh!

Today we ordered a handbasin for the guest bathroom in B&Q (all in all a good shop even if some of the check out staff have an odd sense of humour). It was £105 but i think it was previously £197, from my investigations. It will arrive in two weeks time but I can cancel at any time. We were not offered the £15 token again but we asked and it was given. A few hours later I was window shopping and found the same hand basin on eBay for £48 with free delivery.

My question is - is it wrong to cancel the B&Q basin and buy the eBay basin instead ( not even sure where this leaves me with the £15 token but I am inclined to say - about even). Any thoughts????


  1. If the store doesn't ask for it back when you cancel the order then it is yours to keep. Even if they ask for it, you are still saving money with ebay so it sounds like a good deal.

    That cashier needs a lesson in customer service! That was not nice at all. I got a postcard from my credit card telling me I could have saved 5% if I had bought some purchases thru their website. I didn't like that at all. Buying Christmas presents is stressful enough without someone telling me I could have paid less!

  2. If the eBay seller has plenty of positive feedback then I'd go with that option.

    The check out person who took your hubby's payment should have suggested he buy something cheap from close to the tills (they always have small bits and bobs close by) so that he could get his £15 voucher.

  3. I would have no qualms whatsoever about cancelling the B&Q basin, Lizzie, and if they don't ask for the voucher back, then keep it.

    The checkout person SHOULD have mentioned the promotion to your husband before he paid to give him the option to spend another £2 if he wanted to. Mentioning it after he'd paid was just plain nasty.

  4. I did it! I followed your suggestions. The ebay basin should be with us in 7 days, which is actually quicker than B&Qs basin would have been. The seller had a 99.?% feedback so hopefully....
    I still have my £15 card, no-one asked for it so I didnt volunteer it- following the lead of the checkout operator who didnt volunteer any information either. I did wonder whether they have been told to only give out the gift cards if requested. Times are hard afterall.

  5. Good job Lizzie!

    Have a great Christmas and New Year!


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