Cheap v Frugal

I started to write a post about cheap v frugal but remodelling this life has beaten me to it! Check hers out but here is a bit form me too!

I think I am frugal & I think there is a world of difference between frugal and cheap. I have a friend who is frugal and she is married to a man that is cheap. He amuses the rest of us when we discuss him but not in person, we tend to avoid him as he is also a bit of a misery.

I don't like waste (or intolerance or snakes but we are here to talk about my frugalness!). I prefer other people to have my 'no longer required' stuff. Charity shop, Freecycle, friends, eBay, Amazon. I don't mind where they go as long as someone will make use of my stuff. I also think EBay & Amazon are just as valid a way to pass things on as they are going to someone that needs them plus that someone is a little frugal. I receive from Freecyle, buy from charity shops, eBay and amazon marketplace so I help the second hand market to go around a little bit.

My frugal friends cheap husband has plans for them which basically involve sponging off other people. Always visiting at mealtime so as to get a free dinner but when they last invited us to visit they were fasting for Santa Marias day. Hmmm, what a coincidence!

Are you one of us or one of them????